The hip-healthy swaddling alternative

The original swaddle-transition sleep suit with a unique, textured bamboo fabric on the hands to prevent soaking from hand-sucking. INPAA Approved.

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Angel Cuddlys!

The latest addition to the Jaxs and Co range of products.

With matching prints to our Angel Sleep Sacks. Angel Cuddly's are part of the perfect nap time story. Made from Bamboo and silky soft organic cotton fabric, they are safe to chew and love, or attach your child's favorite dummy.

New product alert!

The revolutionary new design SWADDLE TO SLEEVES! Just like our original Angel Sleep Sack, but with domes on the sleeves, so you can easily convert from full swaddle, to sleeves out simply by tucking the sleeves inside the sleep sack, then buttoning the domes up and you're ready to go! Swaddle to Sleeves comes in size Newborn (0-3 months) and size Small (3-6 months).

Why choose Angel Sleep Sacks?

Does your baby love being wrapped in a swaddle? Not sure how to transition them out of the swaddle without disrupting their sleep routine? Most babies will love the secure feeling of being wrapped in a swaddle. But it can be really hard to transition away from that security if there is not an intermediate step. The Angel Sleep Sack is the perfect transition solution to keeping your baby warm and settled at sleep times, without taking away that snug feeling they love.

Angel Sleep Sacks are the original swaddle transition sleep suit, with built in bamboo soft-textured fabric on the hands, that help prevent soaking from hand-sucking. 

Made from bamboo and organic cotton, they are a safe alternative to swaddling when your baby starts to roll. Angel Sleep Sacks have a slight restriction in the arms, giving them that womb like feeling, so when babies have the startle reflex they can soothe themselves back to sleep.

“3 babies, and I have finally discovered the key to swaddle transitioning. Will be recommending Angel Sleep Sacks to other Mums for sure!” – Natasha

“My son loves to suck on his hands, so this sack is perfect for him as he is not quite ready for arms out yet.” 


“Our 1 month old loves his 'swaddle to sleeves' sleep sack! Material feels wonderful and so handy being able to transition to arms in sleeves safely when older..” 

Alana H.

“I think the hands being out gives her the freedom she likes, but i can sleep better knowing she is safe and warm.” 


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